Site Visits

Some applications require site visits. We have the ability to provide this important service to you or your client.

Responsible Oversight

We ensure that each program we sponsor is fully compliant with the requisite J-1 visa sponsorship regulations. We also consistently monitor training and internship programs to ensure that program requirements are being maintained.

A J-1 Visa sponsor that surpasses your expectations.

Use Global Current for an expeditious and effective solution.

Exceptional Speed

Many J-1 visa sponsors take a lengthy three to five weeks to process an application. Most of this time is spent in foreign office delays, rather than actual review. In contrast, within days we are able to carefully review your program proposal and, if it is approved, issue the necessary DS-2019 form. Because of our select customer base and experienced J-1 visa sponsorship experts, we can provide you with a very thorough review in the fastest turnaround time available.

One-on-One Access to Experts

In a world of ever-decreasing standards of service, you will find your contact at Global Current to be refreshingly responsive and informed. When you work with us, you will have a dedicated, US-based J-1 visa sponsorship expert at your disposal to assist you with any part of the process. The sense of ease you will feel when working with us will be coupled with confidence knowing that there is an informed expert on your case.

Intelligent and Consultative Review

Many of our larger competitors have fairly inflexible criteria for reviewing applications. Even if there are case-specific nuances that warrant special consideration, a compliant program may be rejected if it does not meet specific organizational criteria. At Global Current, you will find that applications are reviewed on an individual, case-by-case basis. We work with you to fully clarify any problematic areas, and we offer advice on how to better structure your training or internship programs. Our thoroughness is reflected in our very low rejection rate while our flexibility results in a positive experience for you.

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